Tips & tricks to use Free DVD Ripper Ultimate.

How Does It Work in Detail?


You may have used many other video DVD ripping applications - some of them may be good, while many others are a mess. Poor output quality, complicated operation, extra-low speed... Stop suffering from these time-consuming programs with more downsides than upsides.

Our DVD ripper software is excellent in ripping various videos. The easy operation, subtitle/track selection and preview window makes ripping DVD as easy as ABC.

As Easy as Making Up a Cup of Coffee!

1. You Insert a DVD, it Extracts the Video

All you need is the video DVD you want to rip. Protected or unprotected, any video DVD you insert can be loaded. And yes, any. Ready for the newest movies? Get their DVDs and backup them in your computer. Transformer 2, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland (2010), Clash of the Titans (2010), Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2, Prince of Persia, Toy Story 3... Collect as many as you want.

2. Be a PRO in DVD Ripping by Only 3 Steps

Extremely easy interface and operation! It takes three steps to output the video from DVD. Load disc, select title/format and rip! You are able to learn how to use it within minutes even without manual. If you do need some instructions, it also provides many useful tips in "Help" content and on our website. With this ripper, you can rip some MTV or movies to share with your friends & transfer them to your portable devices for your kids to have fun in the car.

3. The Tool Helps You Select What to Rip

You can select chapters of all listed titles to rip. Many titles (Bonus video, trailer, behind-the-scene story...) which may not supported by other rippers are available to rip through our tool. If you like foreign movies, no problem, ripping the audio tracks & subtitles in different languages are supported; if you want some "pure" video without sound or subtitle, easier, just disable them.

4. You Can Preview the DVD Video by the Built-in Previewer

Want to preview the whole disc to decide which part to rip? You can see a preview window on the right. You can check any title you want to play it or drag the slider below to any point in the video. If you find some attractive scenes during the preview and guess what, it provides a snapshot button to save these scenes as pictures!

5. The Ripper Output the Video as Exactly as You Want

In the last step, you decide "where" and "what" to output. You can choose the output location and it also provides a button to open the output folder in case you don't remember. What's the purpose you rip the video for? To backup the videos in your harddisk? To enjoy them in you iPod/iPad/iPhone/PSP/mobile phones? Or just need some opening/ending theme and BGM to listen in your music player? It provides 3 tags of output formats: Video, Device & Audio. You can choose a format as needed from a tag. Need some quality adjustment? Then you may find our format presets very convenient!

That's how it works! No fee and no strings attached. As a safe and easy video DVD ripper, it simplifies the complicated ripping and makes it achievable for almost anyone.

Get this powerful ripper now and make your DVD ripping more costless and efficient.

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