Tips & tricks to use Free DVD Ripper Ultimate.

How to Convert DVD to SWF?


Want to convert DVD to flash? Free DVD Ripper Ultimate is one of the best DVD disc to SWF video format conversion program to easily rip and convert DVD videos to SWF, FLV and Flash video which can be played with Flash Player with amazing conversion speed and quality. Download this DVD to SWF converter and follow the step-by-step tutorial to finish your DVD to SWF conversion.

As Easy as Making Up a Cup of Coffee!

1. Insert the DVD disc to your drive (or you can insert a DVD image to your virtual drive), click "Load DVD" or "Load DVD Folder" to load the available titles of the disc.

2. Check the listed titles and choose chapter & audio track/subtitle to rip. If required, you can disable the audio/subtitle ripping and deinterlace the video. A preview window with snapshot function is provided.

3. Specify the output folder. Choose output format (In the "Copy as" menu, choose "Video - To SWF") and output quality (select a preset from "Presets" dropdown list). Click "Start" and wait until the ripping is complete.


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