Free DVD Ripper Ultimate Overview

Want to backup DVD to hard drive for better protection and longer storage? Free DVD Ripper Ultimate supports ripping DVD to video and audio formats, which cover all popular ones, like AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, QuickTime MOV, FLV, MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. It also easily converts DVD to iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, PSP and so on. With the simple interface, the titles, chapters, audio tracks & subtitle can be selected freely. A built-in previewer is provided to preview the movie. Also you can set the output formats and adjust the quality with presets. Now you can copy all DVD movie collection to your hard disk and share them with your friends on the devices or through internet.




1. Select Titles
2. Preview & Snapshot
3. Format & Presets
Select Titles
Preview & Snapshot
Format & Presets
Select any title & chapters to rip and choose audio track or subtitles freely Preview the input files and take snapshot anytime during preview Preset of various media formats of Video/Audio/Device to adjust output quality
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Free DVD Ripper Ultimate is a professional DVD ripper program. It enables you rip and convert any type of DVDs to AVI, MP4, 3GP, MP3, WMA and other video/audio formats with ease. If you have no idea about complicated parameters, or just want to play DVD movie on your mobile players, you may directly choose the target device. In this way, you can watch your DVD movies on iPod or other portables players or enjoy marvelous songs of DVD movies on your MP3 player anywhere.

Free DVD Ripper Ultimate provides optional ripping settings of titles, chapters, subtitles and audio tracks. For multiple language DVD discs, it empowers you to choose audio tracks and subtitles in different languages.

Free DVD Ripper Ultimate provides you a preview function. With a draggable slider, it is easy to view the entire disc and decide which part to rip. What's more, the snapshot function can easily get the scenes that attract you captured as JPEG or BMP.

This DVD ripper is a state-of-the-art, easy yet powerful DVD ripping tool. Download the Free DVD Ripper Ultimate now and use it for free.

Free DVD Ripper Ultimate - magical and smart DVD ripper freeware, provides high speed and straight operation to convert your favorite video DVD to hard drive and portable devices such as iPod, iPad, PSP, etc. Video ripped by this professional DVD ripper is an exact copy of the original DVD video and you can watch your ripped movies with your portable devices everywhere without the need to take bulky DVD collections with you. Here are some features of Free DVD Ripper Ultimate. Download it to explore more features and experience the easiest DVD ripping.

Free DVD RippingFree DVD Ripping

Free DVD Ripper Ultimate is an all-in-one easy DVD ripping program to rip movie DVD to video formats that can be easily enjoyed on iPad, PSP, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV and many other portable devices. Also, it provides an ideal solution to copy your favorite DVD to hard drive for permanent backup. Moreover, extracting audio from video DVD to get your favorite music is also allowed.

Flexible Conversion OptionsFlexible Conversion Options

The user-friendly interface allows you to rip DVD with all its titles or only your favorite parts, with optional audio tracks, subtitles, chapters, etc. If you want the video converted without subtitles or audio, just disable them before output.

Convenient Preview and SnapshotConvenient Preview and Snapshot

If you don't want the entire DVD ripped and just need to extract a part of it, you can preview the whole disc or the selected title with the built-in previewer. Furthermore, it allows taking a snapshot from any frame of the DVD and saving as JPEG/BMP.

Multiple Video/Audio/Devices SupportedMultiple Video/Audio/Devices Supported

With Free DVD Ripper Ultimate you can convert DVD to video formats like AVI, WMV, MPEG, 3GP, MP4, FLV, SWF, MOV, RM and so on. Audio formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, MP2, FLAC, WMA, OGG, AAC, etc. are also supported. The output formats are playable on most portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Apple TV, BlackBerry, iPad...

Customizable Output QualityCustomizable Output Quality

Output quality is optimized through presets with custom parameters like frequency, bitrates, channels, etc. to better fit your portable devices. No more confused adjustment - just select one of the presets as needed.

Superb Conversion SpeedSuperb Conversion Speed

Equipped with Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) & DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) technology, Free DVD Ripper Ultimate allows users to benefit from the hardware accelerated real-time conversion. With a modern graphics card and a powerful motherboard, the conversion time can be considerably shortened.

As a super big movie fan, are you satisfied to watch this wonderful DVD Movies on DVD player just sitting in front of the television? You must be very eager to copy them to your hard disc and other portable devices like iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, BlackBerry, etc. so that you can watch many fabulous movies anywhere anytime as you like. Free DVD Ripper Ultimate gives you a perfect solution, as it not only rips DVD to popular video formats and devices, but also extracts audio from the DVD-Video with stunning speed and amazing quality. Just download it to explore more benefits!

100% Free

Free DVD Ripper Ultimate is DVD ripper software that is provided for FREE, which, unlike many other similar products, does not limit you in any way. No hidden cost, no auto renew, no conditions apply or anything that interferes your privacy. Don't waste any money on expensive software from now on!

100% Safe

Free DVD Ripper Ultimate is a 100% clean DVD ripping program. It is proved that this free DVD ripper contains no virus, adware or similar malicious components. Totally safe to use!

Easy Operation

The simple and straightforward interface lets you find & use anything you want in seconds. What's more, presets that satisfy most quality needs instead of complicated manual numeric adjustment are provided to help with precise output. It requires no technical knowledge for operation - just several clicks, everything can be done well.

Fast Speed

Free DVD Ripper Ultimate is equipped with Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) & DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) technology, which brings you a considerable increase in DVD-Video conversion. The support for multicore CPU also makes the conversion speed much faster than ever.

Different DVD Types Supported

Different DVD types from HD DVD to Blu-Ray movies as well as DVD-9 (8.5GB) & DVD-5 (4.7GB) can be used as source DVD disc and ripped to many video formats with lossless output.

Free Support

We have Free support groups that can really help with all the problems of installing, using or uninstalling the Free DVD Ripper Ultimate.

We warmly welcome your any questions and suggestions, and promise to deal with your emails as soon as possible after receiving them. The step by step tutorial will guide to use our product easily & freely; some detailed feature specifications will help you experience more features of Free DVD Ripper Ultimate. For more details see Contact Us.